Quarr Cottage & Coastal Visit

Quarr Cottage

Quarr Cottage

Some time ago we decided we were going to go away for the August Bank Holiday weekend and get away from Reading.  I went to the Reading Festival last year, but frankly I don’t like the bands that play Reading much anymore and also I could do without a day of binge drinking.  I’m aware that I could go and not drink, however the festival would be even more boring; so why go at all?

Besides, I don’t really drink anymore.  The last time I drank was the Reading Festival 2008!

Because we wanted to get away we booked a cottage through Cottages 4 You.  The cottage is called Quarr Cottage and is in North Chideock near Bridport, Dorset.

We had a great weekend (photos can be seen here) and my son loved the beach.  The last time we took him to a beach was before he was walking and he didn’t like it.  He wouldn’t sit on the sand becuase he didn’t like how it felt and he was scared to death of the waves.  Poor little fella.

Quarr Cottage

Quarr Cottage

Before this trip, my son kept talking about our holiday and the sea.  He was very excited about going and it was cute.  When he did finally get to the beach on the Friday he was really curious and interested in it.  It wasn’t long before he was going right in the water and would’ve gone in up to his neck had we not told him to stop.

We went straight to Weymouth in Dorset first before heading to Quarr Cottage because we couldn’t check-in until 3pm.  So we wandered around Weymouth for a bit before setting off to Chideock.

The cottage was okay as far as old cottages go.  It was tidy but not necessarily “clean” because there were spider webs and mold in the bathroom on the wall.  You could also tell that they allowed people with dogs to stay there because of the “odour” lingering.  It seemed to us that the owners (who lived next door) did the bare minimum to just keep the place going for people renting it.  We certainly wouldn’t pay the money to rent it again, however it was a lovely little village and a great location/base for our holiday.  Don’t get me wrong, although the cottage had it’s failings, we still loved our weekend holiday and had a fantastic time.

Fossil Hunting - Charmouth

Fossil Hunting - Charmouth

During the course of the weekend we went to Weymouth beach and sat around while my son played in the water and the sand.  We had fish & chips (you gotta do that when near the coast) and had a great time.  We went to Charmouth which is supposed to be the gateway to the Jurassic Coast.  We paid £3 and hired a hammer and goggles to go along the beach and find fossils.  The signs, leaflets and general advertising for the area made it seem like the beach between Charmouth and Lyme Regis was teeming with fossils; we never found one.  After a couple of hours on the beach it was clear that it was very over-hyped and a little bit of a lie.  The biggest giveaway was the fossil shop that sold (you guessed it) fossils.  They never had any fossils for sale from that area at all in the whole shop.  All of the fossils were from places like Madagascar (miles and miles from the UK) and from other parts of the UK.  What a load of crap.  I had to have something in the end so I bought a Ammonite fossile from Madagascar that is 165 million years old.  The reason I bought the one from Madagascar is because (to me) it is more memorable and funny.  I mean, we went to Charmouth to find our own fossils and bought one from Madagascar.  Ridiculous.  Our Ammonite is now on display in the sitting room and when people ask I’ll tell them about the disappointment called Charmouth and the Gateway to the Jurrasic Coast.

Dinosaur Museum - Dorchester

Dinosaur Museum - Dorchester

We also visited Portland and spend quite a bit of time in Lyme Regis.  I really liked Lyme Regis.  We wandered around the village and hung around on the beach.  We also partook in a bit of gambling in one of the amusement arcades.  Great fun and I highly recommend a visit to Lyme Regis for anyone heading down to the coast or coming this way (to the UK) for a visit.

The weather during the weekend was pretty good except for Sunday when it was very cloudy, foggy and a bit drizzly.  Even so, we still had a great day and went to the Dinosaur museum in Dorchester as well as the Tutankhamun exhibit (disappointing).  My son really liked the dinosaurs and I’m sure he thought they were going to come alive at any time. 

Whilst we were in the dinosaur museum I was reading things and trying to learn (hard for me to do).  I came upon a write-up about how the first dinosaur remains found were initially believed (because of an error – a big one) to be the scrotum of a giant man!  The scrotum!  Jeez, he must have wondered how it was so well preserved. 

That’s it (or all I’m going to say) for our weekend.  All in all it was a great time and very tiring for me and my wife.  My son was great and did a lot of walking and daddy (me) did a lot of carrying of said son on his shoulders.

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2 Responses to “Quarr Cottage & Coastal Visit”

  1. pete 02/11/2009 at 20:00 #

    Sorry to hear your views on Charmouth. You were very unlucky to not find a fossil but at times it can be harder than others. My friend finds a fossil every time he goes out which is roughly 100 times a year.
    As a Charmouth resident and accommodation owner I feel you have misrepresented everything we have to offer here just because you didn’t find anything.
    Maybe you should come and do the Charmouth challenge run next year, recondsider your thoughts and give us a nice review instead!(I’ll get my mate to take you out next time if you like.)
    All the best.

  2. The Virtual Runner 02/11/2009 at 20:45 #

    Yeah, I didn’t mean to give Charmouth as a whole a bad review. Just the whole fossil thing really. I actually love the coast and that whole area a lot and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to got there again!

    In fact, it’s likely that my wife, son and I will be heading that way again next summer and renting a cottage for a few days again. However, this time we’ll be looking for a cottage that doesn’t allow dogs!

    So don’t worry, I think Charmouth is great… I think the whole fossil build up though is a big dissapointment for general Jo Bloggs though.

    thanks for visiting and come back again!