Running Club & New Kayano 15 Shoes

Kayano 15That’s right, I’ve gone and purchased a nice new pair of running shoes.  The arch of my right foot has been bothering me so I thought it was about time to move on from my Adidas Supernovas.

I got myself pair of Asics Kayano 15s and I wore them this evening to running club.  I did my interval training in them and they felt pretty good.  It was nice to have the cushioning again; something that is missing from my Adidas shoes.

The Kayano’s were reasonably priced at £85; which isn’t that bad considering they are usually £115 – £120.  They’ll be coming out with Kayano 16s soon so that probably explains why it is possible to get the 15s at a discount.

Running club (Reading Roadrunners) went well.  Me and my mate Tony (yes, I’ve mentioned your name again) went to use the track for the first time in months.  We have been going to where the club meets the past two Wednesdays, however the track wasn’t open because it was being renovated (looks good now).

I took Garfield the Garmin with me and we decided to try out one of the workouts that I put on it.  They were 5 x 400m repeats with a 200m recovery inbetween each.

Intervals - 14-10-2009

It was hard (according to Garfield) for us to maintain a steady pace during the intervals.  We knew this because Garfield kept beeping everytime and a message appeared on the screen saying we needed to slow down.  Us?  Slow down?  Jeez, I would have thought speed-up instead!

I’m happy with our 400m paces because they are all close to 5 min per km and they got progressively quicker (5:12, 5:06, 5:03, 5:01 & 4:55).

Intervals Map - 14-10-2009

Overall a good run.  Tomorrow morning I’m off to the gym again and I’ll do some cycling and a bit of weights.  Friday will be a steady run and then long run on Sunday again.

I’m thinking I’m going to need to re-adjust the days I am running because at the moment I’m only able to run 4 days a week and that isn’t enough.  I need 5 days! 

Running club is great, however because it is in the evening it messes with my overall weekly schedule.  I usually run first thing in the morning and my long runs are always on a Sunday.  Before I went back to running club I would run on Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri & Sun.  Now, since going back to running club I can’t really run on Thu mornings (can I?) because I had running club less than 12 hours previously the night before.  This means that going to running club is actually reducing the amount of mileage I am doing but adding more quality.

I am now going to have to entertain the idea of running on Sat mornings.  Probably not until after christmas though.

Time for a cup of tea….

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  1. irunbecauseilovefood 15/10/2009 at 16:54 #

    I’ve wondered about joining Reading Road Runners, but worry it might be a bit serious – are they the bunch that meet at Palmer Park? Interested in your feedback/posts on the subject and might consider turning up when I’m brave enough…