Themed Runs & Reading Roadrunners

It seems I’m getting into themed runs lately as I’m registered for the Halloween 5 Nite Run (31/10/2009) and the THc Santa Dash (29/11/2009).  One is at 9pm and comes with a skeleton t-shirt and headlamp and the other comes with a red suit and beard (you figure it out).

I’ve never done a 5k event before and I’m looking forward to doing these ones for a bit of fun and for the medals (I love the medals).  I’ve also managed to rope a few work colleagues into doing the Santa Dash and we’re raising money for Thames Hospicecare as well.  If any of you are interested in sponsoring our little team you can do so at

I had a query on my post yesterday regarding the Reading Roadrunners.  I Run Because I Love Food asked “I’ve wondered about joining Reading Road Runners, but worry it might be a bit serious – are they the bunch that meet at Palmer Park?”

Yes, that’s them.  I’ve been a member for a while now but me and my mate Tony have only just started going to the Wed night track sessions again.  They also do track sessions on Fridays I believe but I don’t go to those ones.

When I first joined the running club I was a bit nervous because I thought it was just going to be a lot of elite runners and they’ll all be whipping past me constantly.  And the truth is, there are a lot of elite-ish runners who go whipping past me constantly, however the running club also has load of normal runners like me and my friend Tony.  They are a nice sociable bunch of people and very welcoming to new people.  In fact, the first couple of sessions are free so you can see whether you like it or not.

On a normal Wed night they have a little meeting with all of us by the track at about 6:30pm and let everyone know what runs are happening etc and then everyone splits up and heads off with different running coaches for some training.  There are loads of coaches and you can join any session you want.  All really flexible and a great way to spend cold Autumn and Winter evenings.

I do find that the membership seems to dramatically increase after new years when all the new joiners suddenly appear.  But on a normal night like last night there were quite a few people at the track.

On top of all that, by joining a running club you get discounts at Sweatshop in Reading and you also usually get reduced entry fees for events/races because Reading Roadrunners is UK Athletics affiliated.

Loads more info at


One Response to “Themed Runs & Reading Roadrunners”

  1. irunbecauseilovefood 16/10/2009 at 18:43 #

    Thanks for the info VR – good to know it’s not just for elitey runners wearing short shorts and matching vests…

    Unfortunately the Wednesday night spot clashes with British Military Fitness, which I do over in Prospect Park, and most of my Friday nights involve a date with at least one large gin and tonic and a bottle of wine!

    Still, it’s an option if I get bored of BritMilFit.

    Thanks again.

    Jo :-)