Mortimer 10k, Long Run & Puffy Knees

Nice title eh?  I think one of the hardest things is trying to think of a damn title for each blog post.  It can be a bit of a challenge!

The Mortimer 10k is put on by my running club the Reading Roadrunners.  I’m sorry I forgot to mention it (it was in Sept) but I have been waiting all this time for someone to put the finish times on the site.  They only recently went up!

Anyway, it wasn’t chip timed or anything but they had my finish time this year as 00:55:59.  That is a pretty good time considering I felt like I was in more pain then last year.  I also managed to shave time off from last year’s 00:57:09!  Pretty impressive considering all of the hills.

I did my long run today with Garfield and it was slightly painful for quite a few miles.  I had shin splints for about the first 4 miles and I had to stop an stretch a couple of times to get the tightness out of my lower legs.  This always seems to happen to me when I get new trainers which are nice and cushioned.  Why is that?  If they aren’t cushioned I get other types of injury… I can’t win!

For today’s long run I started at my gym (Pulse-8) and ran from there to Dinton Pastures and back again.

Long Run Map - 18-10-2009

I got to Dinton Pastures and tried to mix it up a bit with regards to the direction I ran around the lake and it was a bit difficult.  I think I’m getting bored with the scenery of Dinton Pastures!  All those people walking dogs…

Long Run - 18-10-2009

Overall the run was pretty good (even with the pains) and I managed to keep an average pace of around 6 mins per km.  That is the sort of pace (or a little bit slower) that I would be happy with in the Brighton Marathon.

Now after my long run I am drugged up with Ibruprofen to help with the horrible “puffy” knee feeling that I’ve been getting lately.  I think I’ll need to concentrate a bit more on let weights/exercises on my non running days to build up my quads.  I think they’re getting a bit weak from all the running and it’s causing me a bit of knee trouble.  Jeez, if it isn’t one thing with running it’s another isn’t it?

I’m off to put my Santa suit on and lounge around the house…

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