Halloween 5 Nite Run

Tonight was my first 5km event and it took place in the dark!  Very very good atmosphere and a very good event.  I recommend it to everyone!

For the hour or so before the event there was music which was all halloween themed as well as refreshments.  Your entry fee gets you your race number, chip timing, free skeleton t-shirt, headlamp and a mug at the finish line.


It was really good fun and everyone had a great time.  There was a lot of chatter amongst the runners during the whole event and you don’t normally get that in the daylight races!

You can find more photos by clicking here.

I had my time at about 27 min and 13 secs according to my Garmin.

Halloween Nite 5k Splits - 31-10-2009

Well done to my wife for coming out and supporting me again.  She’s a fantastic woman!

And my little boy was there too… way past his bed time!

Halloween Nite Run 5k - 31-10-2009

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