The Build-Up

I’m very glad I still have some base fitness from running or else the pain I’m feeling would be much worse!

I’ve started running again this week after about 4 weeks off due to laziness and illness.  It’s a little hard going but much easier than I thought it would be!

I started by doing 5.43km on Sunday at an average pace of 06:25 min/km.  Nice and slow so I didn’t insure myself!  On Monday my legs were quite stiff and I didn’t go running but had that as a rest day.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I increased the distance and the speed just a bit:-

Today was another day off to rest my (still) sore/stiff legs and then I’ll be off to the gym again tomorrow morning to visit my friend the treadmill!  Once I get things built up again my long runs will be on Sundays again and I’ll be off on the roads to see where I end up!

It’s all good!  Bring on the Fredericton Marathon!

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