Slow Train to Painville

Allllllllll aboard!

So far so good with the running; and I mean that sincerely.  Especially since I’ve been sick with a cold off and on since around Christmas time.  In fact, I’m only now just getting over my most recent one which was especially nasty.

Last Sunday I did a long run of over 16km so the build up of distance is going okay.  However!  The pain.  I keep getting pain in my right foot across the top and I end up having to have the laces on that shoe/foot quite loose or it drives me nuts.  Also, I’ve recently bought some off the shelf ortho inserts for my running shoes because the Kayanos do not offer enough arch support and my right foot (again) was hurting on my long runs from the constant pounding. 

I think I see a new pair of running shoes in my future.  I may have to go back to some old favourites like the Adidas Supernova Sequence or even waaaay back and get a pair of Nike structure triax.  They were very cushioned when I last had a pair with loads of arch support. 

So I don’t bore you with all of my runs, here is my long run from Sunday and an overview of my runs since end of Jan:-

Overall summary:-

Now, I suppose you’re wondering why I’m not posting that much?  Well, I’m just busy lately.  But I’ve been running and that’s what really matters.  As for this site, I’ll be making more of an effort to keep it updated over the next few days and updating my spreadsheets with runs and working out the total distance I’ve covered on my run across Canada.

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