Arthritis Research UK & Phil Packer

I was recently approached by someone and asked to write on my blog about Phil Packer and Arthritis Research UK.  Personally, it was just nice to be asked in the first place (although I am aware it’s for advertisement for them) but I was also interested because a) he’s doing the London Marathon and b) he’s raising money for different charities; one of which happens to be Arthritis Research UK.  My father also suffers from Arthritis (amongst many other things) so this is a charity I can relate to.

Phil Packer

Phil Packer was in the military and ended up getting a severe spinal cord injury and told he would probably never walk again.  Phil went through a lot of stress and struggle after that happened but through it all he ended up being focused and committed to helping those people who also need assistance through what he calls “those dark days”.

Phil wanted to give focus on rehabilitation and raise money for charity which led to him taking part in the London Marathon 2009 and raising money for Help for Heroes.  Phil’s goal was to complete 2 miles a day until he completed the marathon and he achieved his goal!  He started the marathon on 26 April and finished it on 09 May.  He was presented with his finishing medal by Sir Steven Redgrave.

What an amazing achievement for someone who thought they would never walk again.

Now for 2010 Phil is at it again and it seems he’s much quicker!  No more 2 miles a day.  Phil intends to do the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon in 26 hours.  He’s also decided to do each mile for a different charity and the first mile is for Arthritis Research UK.

Arthritis Research UK

Arthritish Research UK is trying to make things better for all arthritis suffers by helping to relieve the pain and helping people to remain active.  They do this by funding research and providing information.

Because arthritis is affecting millions of people in the UK, Arthritis Research UK wants to raise its profile with everyone.  Arthritis Research UK has 10 goals which you can read about here:-

If you’re interested in finding out more information about Phil Packer or Arthritis Research UK then you can follow one of the links below:-

I hope you all take time to visit both sites and support a great guy doing great things.


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