20 Miles of Fun

Okay, today’s long run wasn’t the greatest.  First, let me just say that I have run three times this week and I’ve been running three times each week.  I haven’t wanted to do too much, especially with the long runs on Sundays.

I think that I should’ve been running more each week but it’s too late now.  Some things that I’ve read said that running should be done on consecutive days and that’s what I’ve been avoiding.

The weekday runs have been okay and they’ve been about 10.5km each time and at a pretty good pace too.  I always feel good after having done one.

Today’s long run, different story.  I was walking within the first 2 kms due to shinsplints and it just set the mood for the whole run.  It really pissed me off and it’s a pretty big blow mentally when all other runs have felt pretty good.  I was also using my new pack to carry gels etc and it just didn’t feel right at first.  It took miles to get used to it.

I ended up walking loads and avg pace went through the roof compared to the last long run.  This long run clocked in at 06:45 min/km!  I know that’s an okay pace though and if I finished a whole marathon at that pace I’d be happy, however when you’re actually out there and end up walking all the time it’s really frustrating.  I wish I could get over that mental downer.

Here is the summary of the fun run/walk (that’s another thing, I’m tired of calling my “runs” a “run/walk”.  Before I started doing all of this marathon training I actually did “run” the whole time, just like my mid-week runs):-

You can also view it here:  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/30464687

So, if I was to finish the marathon at a pace of 06:45 min/km that would be a finish time of 4 hours and 44 minutes. Who would be dissapointed with that as their first marathon time? Not me! So, why the upset with these long runs and all the walking? I think because in my head: I’m supposed to be running.

Tapering begins now. That means the mid-week runs will remain the same but long runs will get gradually smaller up until the marathon. This next long run will be 15 miles (24km), so still pretty long but manageable. The following Sunday will be 10 miles (16km) and then the Sunday after that is the Fredericton Marathon in Canada.

And, most important for last, I’d like to thank my lovely wifey for being so suportive even when I’m a miserable bastard after having what I felt was a crap run. She’s good.

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