2nd Time Lucky?

Well, I think I’ve narrowed down when and where my next marathon “attempt” will be.  Frankly, this event wasn’t my first choice for a second attempt but there aren’t that many local-ish marathons before the end of the year.


The event’s route is described as “mixed and mainly off-road”… great.  However, I figure that if I put the training down then, so what?  I can’t wimp out just because it’s not perfectly flat.  Besides, do I really care how long it’s going to take me to finish?  My main goal is survival for my first marathon!

I haven’t actually booked it yet, and frankly if it fills up before I can register (like the New Forest Marathon!) then I’m sorry in advance, I will be delaying my 1st marathon attempt until April next year!  Yup, if I can’t get into this marathon then I’ve decided to push it back a full year until April 2011.  Bad-side:  I’ve had to put it back so far and people were expecting me to do one.  Good-side:  It will give me the opportunity to save more money.

Let’s be positive though!  I’m going to do the marathon on 19th September in Farnham!  I’ve even did a basic training plan for long runs as follows:-

  • 20th Jun – 07 miles
  • 27th Jun – 08 miles
  • 04th Jul – 09 miles
  • 11th Jul – 10 miles
  • 18th Jul – 12 miles
  • 25th Jul – 10 miles
  • 01st Aug – 13 miles
  • 08th Aug – 15 miles
  • 15th Aug – 17 miles
  • 22nd Aug – 18 miles
  • 29th Aug – 20 miles
  • 05th Sep – 15 miles (day before we go to Greece)
  • 12th Sep – 10 miles (this one might be in Greece)
  • 19th Sep – Marathon

I’ve also decided that running 3 days a week is not enough for me and I’m going to go back to running on Tue, Wed, Fri and Sun.  I will try and make Tue an easy 10km run and Wed/Fri will be some 40 – 50min interval and hill training each week.  Those two training sessions have to be the big thing and I want to focus on those as well as weight training on Mon and Thu.  This means Sat will be the only day I’m not actually doing some sort of exercise.  Too much?  Perhaps.  But I’m aiming high on purpose.

Wish me luck people!

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