I’m Sorry. I’m Having an Affair

I couldn’t help myself.  I kept looking at him every chance I got.  I “googled” him many times to see what I could find out and was always admiring his clean smooth exterior.  It was bordering on stalking!

His name?  Mac!

Yeah baby, I’m currently writing this post on my new MacBook Pro 13 and it is the most amazing computer I’ve ever owned.  Seriously, why did I ever own windows based pcs?

I’ve only had this since yesterday and I’ve already put all the software I “used to” use on my windows laptop on here.  My other laptop is now obsolete I think!

Seriously though, if you haven’t used a Mac before, give it a go.  Once you get used to the different operating system you’ll realise how much better it is!

As for running, my training program is building and it will be easy and interval runs this week with an 8 mile run on Sunday.  This should be okay as long as I don’t push it too much.

I must say that I’m having some motivation problems at the moment and I’d love to hear from any of you on how you stay motivated to keep going.


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