The Forum

The Virtual Runner Running Forum has now been established!  What forum?  Why, the one I’ve been trying to set up off-and-on for years.

A link to the forum is now at the top of this blog and a link to this blog is on the forum.

Basically, I’d love it if the forum grew to something like you see at Runners World, however that takes a lot of time.  Time I’ve got.

So, if you’ve got a minute or two, why not visit the forum and sign-up?  Also, if you’re interested in becoming a site moderator then please let me know either by sending me an email or a private message via the forum.

As for running, I’m still in the middle of my marathon training and even though I’ve been ill for a couple of days I’ll be heading to the gym tomorrow (hopefully) and having a cross-training day.  This will consist of 10 mins running, 10 mins cycling, 10 mins rowing and some weight machines.  Rowing is the most painful for me…

I’m also trying something different and I’ve got my marathon training schedule printed and on the fridge!  How old-school is that eh?  Each time I complete part of the schedule I cross it off or write down what I did.  After a week or so I’ll update you all on what I’ve done compared to the schedule.

I’m off to get my son into bed now.  Dr Seuss bedtime story coming up!


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