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Stand out from the crowd

We all run marathons and participate in charity runs but do we ever think about making a statement?

There are many promotional products out there that can help you tailor and personalise your whole image so that you can stand out and be remembered.

Printed T shirts

Choose a plain tee and have your very own personal message printed on it, company logo or even your own cheeky smile. These t shirts are a great way of making sure you get noticed and stand out when taking part in a charity event. You can usually choose from various colours and different styles, like a crew or v neck. There are also feminine styles available like cropped T’s and vests, so you can still be sporty but stylish. Maybe the words ‘I run because I’m worth it’?

Bottled water

Water is essential and if the temperature keeps rising, yo’u will definitely need to drink plenty of fluids. You may prefer to stick to brands like Evian or Buxton, but why not go for something a little different and create your own personalised water bottle. You can create your own design and unique branding. Bottles are usually available in screw top or practical sports caps, you can order in bulk so that all of your team has a bottle and a few extras to hand out to reserves and supporting mascots.

Baseball Caps

The last thing you want to be faced with after a long run is sun stroke and with the summer weather rising to temperatures of around 30ºc you may want to be prepared with a promotional baseball cap. Try and avoid sun stroke by wearing plenty of sun cream and a protecting your head with a baseball cap. You can personalise a cap with your own name or company name and chose a team colour which establishes you.

Sports towels

Running long distance can encourage high sweat levels and a towel is a handy comfort. Your small towels can be personalised with your very own team emblem or motto. This way you can advertise your company or promote a certain club or charity you are supporting whilst you run. Personalised towels are reasonably priced and people will rarely throw a towel away after an event. This is one promotional product that will come in handy time and time again, after it has been washed obviously!

Campaign ribbons

If you are running on behalf of an organisation or charity that you feel strongly about, help to raise awareness by asking your members of staff to wear a silk ribbon. The ribbons can usually be bought in a variety of colours so you can chose the one that stands out, giving your team unity through a branded colour!

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Note:  This was a guest post by E. Smith and does not represent the thoughts of The Virtual Runner.  The Virtual Runner is not linked to Argon Promotions in any way and does not receive any remuneration from them.


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