Week 4 Done, 8 to go!

Another exciting week in the The Virtual Runner’s world of marathon training! Three more successful runs this week and that includes today’s 12 mile long run.

Overall, a pretty good week:-


Easy run of 6.5km (4.04 miles) in 42:07 for an average pace of 10:26 min/mile.


Tempo run with 1.6km @ 10:57 min/mile – 6.4km @ 08:52 min/mile – 1.6km @ 10:43 min/mile


Long run of 19.46km (12 miles) in 2 hours 9 mins 16 secs for an average pace of 10:41 min/mile (06:38 min/km)

Pretty good week overall but still no cross training. Clearly I’m a cross training procrastinator. Perhaps next week then…

Next week’s running is a rest/easy week with three 6 mile runs, which will be a nice break! However, the week after that my long run is going to be 16 miles! Yikes.

Details of the training plan I’m following are here:-

I’m off to vegitate…

One Response to “Week 4 Done, 8 to go!”

  1. Dave 07/08/2010 at 01:00 #

    If you’re struggling with cross-training, try finding another activity you love doing. Other sports are a great way to cross-train. Dean Karnazes (world-class ultrarunner) hardly ever picks up a weight. He does pushups, situps, and goes wind-surfing. He’s active in other sports, and that’s how he cross-trains.

    Make it fun.