The Thighs Have It

Okay, okay… let’s get it over with… start the public flogging.

The heading of this blog refers to my growing appendages caused by overeating.  I think I saw smoke trailing behind me this morning caused by the friction of my thighs rubbing together while I was running.

I know I haven’t blogged in some time but I have many excuses/reasons:-

  1. I have been completely lacking any motivation when it comes to running and any exercise that didn’t involve shoving food in my mouth.
  2. I have been away on holiday in Corfu, Greece.
  3. My father (Walter) passed away on the 11th of September.
  4. I really am a “virtual” runner.
  5. I was lazy.

Where should I start?

I hate Marathon Training

Yup, I said it.  It turns out that I love the idea of running 26.2 miles but I hate the training involved, especially the long runs.  I mean, I really shouldn’t be dreading Sundays because I know I’m going to be out running for hours!  I like running a lot, but 3+ hours is painful and makes me miserable for the rest of the day (ask my wife) it seems.

I’ve really been giving it a lot of thought and talking to my wife about things and I’ve discovered that I miss getting up and doing 1 hour (10k) runs in the mornings and going out on the odd weekend to participate in a local 10k event (which are usually on Sundays).  Training for a marathon does not actually allow me to do this as most 10k events are on a Sunday and that is the only day I can do my long runs.

So, what I’ve decided is that I am no longer going to attempt to train for any full marathon unless I get a ballot place in the London Marathon; which I will continue to enter each year.  I’m going to go back to the running schedule I enjoyed and start to look forward to the running again!

Regardless what anyone tells you; you do not have to run a marathon to be considered a runner.  You just need to run!

Corfu, Greece to New Brunswick, Canada

My father sadly passed away on 9th September (09/11) at 09:11pm… how weird is that?  My father never was one to do things in halves!  We were on holiday in Greece at the time.

He was a fantastic man, great father and he will be missed by many.  In his lifetime he was in the army, a police officer a prison officer and besides family and friends there were representatives there in full uniform from all three.

My father died on a Saturday and we weren’t due to fly back to the UK until the Monday morning.  There was no way we could get any earlier flights out of Corfu as we simply couldn’t afford to do it.  My family let me know that my dad’s funeral was going to be on the Wednesday morning at 11am so I had to get back to the UK and get another flight out on the Tuesday morning.  On top of all that we had to sort out some financial issues to make sure we actually had the money to send me to Canada!  Very, very stressful times.

Needless to say, I got home to the UK, had less than 5 hours sleep and then was off to Heathrow the next morning to start my 10+ hour journey to the town where my family lives.

I went to my dad’s funeral and as far as funerals go, it was really great.  My dad would have been very happy with it and my sisters certainly deserve a huge thank you for sorting it all out.

After the funeral I stayed in Canada until the Sunday (the day I was supposed to run a marathon in the UK) to help my mum get sorted out and to help sort out the house.  Queue lots of tidying, moving and little sleep on a different timezone (again).

I’ve been back in the UK for almost a week now and I’m just now feeling better and clear-headed.  Last week I was still a bit of a mess.  Not like depressed or anything, just kind of tired and dopey and not thinking straight.

“frickin’ laser beams”

This Wednesday I have to go back to Ultralase to have my right eye re-treated to get rid of the small prescription that still remains after my laser eye surgery a year ago.  It’s free so I thought; why not?

That makes this week a bit odd work-wise but hopefully it will be okay!  I’ve got tomorrow in the office, Tuesday at a conference for the majority of the day, surgery on Wednesday morning and then working from home the rest of the week whilst trying to recover.  Should be interesting!

Moving Forward

Well, it is running!  Ya gotta move forward don’t you?

I plan on just getting back into the groove with running with no other goal than to build it back up and go back to running for an hour 4 or 5 days a week doing about 30 miles a week.  As soon as I think I’m ready, I’m going to start taking part in whatever 10k events I can find; just like I used to.

As I said, I’m not planning any marathons in the future but I would attempt the London Marathon if I got in by ballot.  I’m sorry to anyone who is waiting for me to run a marathon, but it’s just not happening.  I’m certainly not running a marathon for anyone else!  Any money that was donated to sponsor my marathon attempt has all gone to a good cause and I and the charity appreciate your donations.

Perhaps I’m not destined to do a marathon anyway?  1st one:  got ill.  2nd one:  dad died.  Some would say 3rd time lucky, but I don’t care what they say.

For now, back on track.

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5 Responses to “The Thighs Have It”

  1. marmot ski 07/10/2010 at 15:45 #

    Love your post! I do sometimes hate marathon trainings but I love to run…

  2. kizzy 07/10/2010 at 15:47 #

    I love your post! I do sometimes hate marathon training but I love to run..

  3. Running Top 19/10/2010 at 19:20 #

    Enjoyed the post. I have done a few 10ks and halfs and have wondered about a full marathon. But at the end of a half i wonder how i’d feel about turning round and going back! i know thats the wrong way to think about it, but as you say the training would no doubt be hell.

    I agree with you, running id for enjoyment and somethimes just getting out on a Sunday and getting a good 10k time on your favourite route is what its all about…

  4. kevin foreman 20/12/2010 at 02:26 #

    Mate – if the training is painful and miserable then don’t
    do it, simple as that. However, let me throw a couple of things out
    there…if Sunday has a 10k event and you can only run on Sunday
    you could do what I’ve done a few times…do the event and then
    keep going, or run to the event, do the 10k and finish on a high.
    OK, so you’ll probabaly not get a podium finish, but you’ll get the
    miles in and enjoy finishing your long run alongside other people
    about. Might help with the misery. Watch the pain though, never a
    good thing. Too much too soon, bad shoes, something else that can
    be fixed? A few years ago, when I started running, my wife stitched
    me up. The Paris Marathon is a week before London. Entry is (well,
    was, I’ve not checked lately) first-in-best-dressed. None of that
    ballot stuff, easy to get a spot. I suspect a long weekend in Paris
    appealed to my wife as much as the marathon – my first – did to
    me…Paris is only a train trip from London…Happy running, and
    keep posting. #janathon

  5. Phil 'notmuchofarunner' 22/12/2010 at 23:07 #

    What a lovely, honest blog. Light and shade.