I Ran a Mile

Yes I did.  Pretty original heading eh?  Today was supposed to be a rest day today so I did 1.6km just to make sure I was still laying down the miles even on rest days in aid of Janathon.  Tomorrow calls for 45 mins “easy” run so that will push the distance up further than today did.

A bit of ranting today (see twitter @thevr) about some of my fellow gym-goers.  I’ve been going to my local gym for a few years on a very regular basis and see the same people almost every morning without fail.  There are a couple people that have some little annoying habits that drive me bonkers.

Crazy Paper Towel Guy

Every morning this gentleman arrives at the gym, heads to the paper towel dispenser and proceeds to take off a long ream of paper.  He then carefully folds it over and over and over again until it’s kind of rolled up into a log/wand/stick shape.  He then holds it tightly in his hand the ENTIRE time he is exercising.  I’ve never seen him wipe his brow with it or anything; he just seems to hold it.

Drives me crazy.

Incline Treadmill Women

I’m sorry, but there is more than one and they are always women.  Why?  I don’t know.  You’ll know who you are when you read this and maybe you’ll stop.  Please stop.  At least stop going on the treadmill in front of me!

These women get on the treadmill and put it on what seems the highest angle possible.  In fact, nobody really sets them at this crazy angle except these people.  They then set the speed to a brisk walk, hold on to the top edge of the display/screen and lean back and walk uphill.  It’s the equivalent to being pulled up their imaginary hill by a car and a tow-rope I suppose.  Why don’t the staff at the gym stop and explain the proper use?  Drives me nuts.

1 Inch Push-Up Guy

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stopped myself from walking over and explaining the proper way to do a push-up to this gentleman.  At first, I thought he was focusing on some obscure muscle group but nope; he just doesn’t have a clue.

He gets down on the floor to do push-ups and everything looks fine in the starting position raised above the floor.  He then lowers himself literally about an inch and then back up again.  He does this over and over again very quickly with his hips kind of bobbing up and down.  Looks very odd and I can’t see how it’s doing too much for him either.

There is another group of people (all guys I’m afraid) that do the equivalent to this whilst doing the bench press.  They fill the bar with loads of weight and then do 1 inch bench presses and tell all their mates how much they “benched”.  However, if you went over and got them to do it correctly and go all the way down with the weight I don’t think they’d be bragging about their max much longer.

All this venting today made me feel much better and I’ll let it build up again for another couple of years (days) before letting it all out again.

Distance Covered Today: 1.6km

Total for the Month: 17.56km


5 Responses to “I Ran a Mile”

  1. jay mcneill 03/01/2011 at 18:20 #

    Unfortunately there excusing the stupidity of some gym rats

  2. Joggernotablogger 03/01/2011 at 18:24 #

    Crazy paper towel guy- Perhaps a part time Wizard..? Wizards need to keep fit too you know! Loved the rants, would be interested to hear your thoughts on people who swim without getting their hair wet!!!

  3. rachel b 03/01/2011 at 18:41 #

    Enjoyed your observations on gym life!

  4. travellinghopefully 03/01/2011 at 20:53 #

    And breathe…

  5. Fattipuff 03/01/2011 at 21:12 #

    I love your descriptions of the people in the gym. I have them in my gym too – although I have to say I haven’t seen such paper towel abuse. He probably wraps his super power containing kryptonite opposite material right in the middle of it ;)
    My personal bug bear is the people on the rowing machine. In fact, you might have just inspired a blog entry!