Alleged Rest Day

My half marathon training plan calls for Saturdays to be a rest day; however we all know that isn’t really possible with Janathon.  With this in mind I wanted to ensure I still did something on my feet and I didn’t want to do a token 1 mile run for ten minutes.  10 minutes of exercise?  It’s just not enough. I set off this morning for 1 hour of walking and did just short of 5.5km which I’m very happy with.  Over three more miles to add to the overall Janathon total.

I think that is what I’ll do every Saturday, I’ll walk for an hour and my other rest day (Monday) will be the 1 mile token run. It’s a plan.  We’ll see how it pans out.

Anyone who has had a blog for a while, especially one powered by WordPress on their own domain will know that there is a lot of comment Spam.  Some of it is just a bunch of links and others are supposedly written to look like they are real comments on your blog post and the link is in their name etc.  These supposedly “real” looking blog posts are usually quite ridiculous and almost always badly written as though the originator’s first language isn’t english.

Well today I was reading Blogs and I came across a new one that I don’t normally read.  The blog was okay but what interested me most of all was the comments.  The blog owner had loads of comments on his posts and I was reading them only to discover that the majority of them were spam with links to ridiculous things.  What made it even more entertaining was reading his responses to them.  He as answering them as though they were real people commenting on his blog.  I had more fun reading the comments then I did anything else.

(Actual) examples of things to watch out for:-

  1. “I am a frequent reader of your blog posts. I liked the recent one and other posts on your blog so much that I have subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed in Thunderbird. Even thinking of stealing some ideas and put them to work. Keep all the good work going by posting more informative posts. Thank you. Time well spent on this post.” - This one then had a link to a site selling replica/fake watches.
  2. “You have a great article here, really helpful. Very well written I will be bookmarking this website and subscribing to your feed so i can regularly read articles of this quality.” – This one had a link to fake handbags
  3. “Bless you ! Do you enjoy methods type of gift box where I may easily blast donation in PayPal?” – Link to replica/fake watches.
  4. “Thank you for an additional great weblog.Exactly where else could I get this kind of data composed in this kind of an incite full way? I have a project that I am just now operating on, and i am sure this can help me a lot..and I have been trying to find this kind of data since from handful of days….Thanks!!!!!” – This last one was posted by “pissing girl” and contained a link to something about peeing movies.  Hilarious!  No, I didn’t actually visit the link.
  5. “Great, I have already bookmarked your this page…Now I don’t have enough time for read but by reading beginning part I must say…it was a positive start .. Would love to read further too…Thanks for great post!” – This is also hilarious for different reasons.  Contains a link to some mls sales site but according to the comment the writer didn’t have time to read the blog post and bookmarked it, but had the time to make a comment.

These fake/spam comments are usually as generic as possible in content and they obviously make no direct reference to anything in the actual blog post.  Personally, I use Akismet and it has protected my blog from 8,737 spam comments since my blog started.  The ones it doesn’t catch it leaves for me to moderate and they are usually easy to spot.

  • Distance Covered Today:  5.46km
  • Total for the Month:  49.51km


One Response to “Alleged Rest Day”

  1. Steve 08/01/2011 at 21:54 #

    You’ve made me want to read more blog comments just to see what kind of strange stuff people are linking to! Hopefully I can avoid the pee movies though.

    Anyway well done on the 5k walk – I’ve read many times that it’s the distance more than the time/pace you do it at so this is definitely better than a 10 minute mile… or even a 10 minute 3 miles, though that would be pretty impressive!