It’s All Good

Today was another long run and it felt great.  Honestly, this has been a great relaxing week off work and I feel much better for it.  It was nice to end the week with a long run that felt good as well as the couple previous to this were slightly difficult and not as easy as they’re supposed to be.

I’ve also stuck to the Slendertone regime and today was the third day using the device.  I started the workout on a setting of 80 (it goes to 99) and finished the 20 mins on 99.  I think that the majority of the planned 4 weeks using the device will be on a setting of around 90 or more.  I guess that’s the way it is when it’s got to send an electrical impulse through the equivalent to a spare tire before reaching the abdominals beneath!

Tomorrow I’m off to London and back to work.  I’m looking forward to getting back to work and to 2011 in general as I know it is going to be filled with new challenges and experiences.

That’s it for today I’m afraid.  Short and sweet.  Although, I’d also like to mention that I’m very happy with my mileage so far this month.

  • Distance Covered Today:  12.00km
  • Total for the Month:  110.90km

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