I See The Light

For anyone taking part in Janathon, you know exactly what I mean.  Here we are on day 22 and we can all take great pleasure in the fact that we’ve done over 70% of this great event.  For those of you who don’t know what Janathon is you can check it out here:  www.janathon.com

I’m glad today was one of my so-called rest days because I really needed it.  I set off this morning on a nice walk and going as fast as my short little legs would allow… comfortably.  I managed over 7km on my walk and it was really nice.

On another note, we’re coming to February and I think it’s about time I stopped being a wimp and signed up for the Reading Roadrunners again (www.readingroadrunners.org).  Sure, their kit colour is a pretty gross green but it’s a great place to go on a Wednesday evening for some training at the local track.  It’s a pretty good bunch of people and there are various training groups for all abilities.  You can even set off and do your own thing on the track if you really want to.  An added bonus to joining the club is reduced fees for races/events and as I’m planning on doing as many as I can this year it’ll help reduce the cost.

I’m feeling a million times better in 2011 thanks to running again (and Janathon).  I want to keep up the momentum and continue the positive vibes in my running/fitness and my day-to-day life.

I’m off to use the Slendertone System again this evening.  Looking forward to the self-induced spasms…

  • Distance Covered Today:  7.41km
  • Total for the Month:  142.34km

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One Response to “I See The Light”

  1. Chris 22/01/2011 at 21:24 #

    that is really an awful kit colour. I don’t think I could train with that club. Not that the House of Orange is much better.