Running Out

Talk about ticking off the days!  I don’t know about anyone else but I’m getting tired.  Very tired.  I know these blog posts are getting a little (a lot) repetitive but I can’t help it.  This morning I got up again and fully intended to do an easy run of about 50 mins or so and instead I just did 10 mins.  10 mins.  Seriously.

From a training point of view I don’t really want another day in a row where I’m not really doing much so I think tomorrow I’ll have to force myself to make more of an effort.  My iPhone isn’t handy (it’s downstairs and it has my training plan) but I’m sure I’ll have to do about 45 mins tomorrow “easy” and on Friday I’ve got to do 1 hour 10 mins with 8 x 1 min intervals at race pace.  I’m so slow at the moment, does that mean my “race pace” is walking speed?  I’m guessing no.

Out of all this Janathoning (spell-check doesn’t like Janathon, especially Janathoning) I’m not just happy with my getting back in to running.  I’m also very glad to have discovered all kinds of fellow runners and bloggers out there and to have increased the number of people I follow on Twitter.  I hope that we can all manage to stay in contact and in December 2011 we’ll all be talking about Janathon 2012 and how we did in the last Janathon.

Let’s just hope some psychopath runner out there doesn’t come up with the ridiculous idea of “Febathon”; cause that’s just crazy….

  • Distance Covered Today:  1.60km
  • Total for the Month:  161.11km (100.10 miles)

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  1. K, like in caKe 26/01/2011 at 21:18 #

    Also shattered! You’re doing brilliantly, keep going!