The Plan

I’m planning on keeping up the effort and completing some 10k events over the summer.  I’m also building up to the Reading Half Marathon in March, but I was thinking that maybe I should do another half marathon at the end of the summer/autumn time.  The one that really comes to mind is the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon.

Royal Parks Half Marathon from View Creative on Vimeo.

It looks like it would be a great day out and the number of runners is a bit more than the Reading Half Marathon. The only thing is, I’d like to go along with someone else to do it but I don’t have any friends that run. I may see if I can rope a work colleague in to doing it with me but who knows. If not, I guess I’ll have to drag the wifey along with me and do it on my own.

Did anyone do the one in 2010? What was it like?

  • Distance Covered Today:  4.94km
  • Total for the Month:  166.05km

6 Responses to “The Plan”

  1. Jenks 27/01/2011 at 20:05 #

    I ran the Royal Parks Half and throughly enjoyed it. It’s quite a flat, quick course. Well organised, good atmosphere and interesting sights. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a shame it’s a ballot entry this year but I’ll be entering. All us Janathoners could do with an easy way of seeing who is in which race as it would be fun to meet up at events.

  2. rachel b 27/01/2011 at 20:37 #

    I ran the RPFHM in 2009 and 2010, in fact it was my first ever half in 09. Its a good friendly run, nice and flat and great sight seeing. The organisation is good for such a huge race only negative is some narrow bits in the park get crowded. There’s a big food market at the start/finish which gives spectators something to do too. 2010 BMF provided pacemakers (only time I ever beat some of them!). THis year will be a ballot – I got a tweet saying it starts soon. If we both get a place i’ll see you there! Tweet if you want more info. R

  3. fortnightflo 27/01/2011 at 23:15 #

    ooooh – that looks like lots of fun – never heard of it before…

  4. Jules 27/01/2011 at 23:24 #

    I have work buddies that have done the Royal PArks and loved it – great atmosphere, great setting. You know, you’ve probably got more chance recruiting a buddy among the Janathon crowd, most of whom I imagine will be back for Juneathon!
    Hope you enjoy the last four days!
    Jules (@2011miles)

  5. jogblog 30/01/2011 at 13:47 #

    I did the Royal Parks Half in 2009. It was great. Probably my favourite race ever. That could be because it was such a beautiful day though. Warm and sunny, bright blue skies and gorgeous autumnal colours everywhere. The crowd support was fantastic and you can’t beat running through closed Central London roads!

    My race report on my blog:

  6. jogblog 30/01/2011 at 13:48 #

    Oops, I did it in 2008 (the first one), not 2009.