Penultimate Day

Are we there yet?  Nope.  Are we there yet?  Nope.  Are we there yet?  NOOOOO!  Just one more day to go and I will have fully completed Janathon by running/walking and blogging every single day in January.  Holy crap that’s a lot of blogging.  I’m not sure if it’s enough to win anything though because some people have done some ridiculous mileage.  I knew that would be the case and it was unlikely to win because there are a lot of people (everyone) who are fitter than I am!

Not much to report today I’m afraid.  Got up with the monster this morning and then after Mummy got up I went off to do my long run.  I managed over 15km this time and it was pretty good.  My legs are feeling it still though.  After the run I called my daughter and got her up and made her come with me for coffee.  I went home and picked up my son first and then we went to meet her and go to Costa.  Very nice sitting there with them both and drinking yummy latte.  Tastes even better after a long run.

I quick visit to the supermarket and then it was home to have a roast chicken dinner and chill out with the family until wifey had to shoot off to work.  Whilst she was at work my son and I ventured outside to clear out the carport as a man is coming tomorrow to tear it down and to start rebuilding another one.  I cleared out the carport (filled with junk) whilst my son pushed a wheelbarrow all over the garden.

Now, it’s a bath and bed for him and dishes and tidying for daddy before sitting down in front of the tv.

Tomorrow, 10 mins (1 mile) of running and then I’m off to London for a day-long conference.

  • Distance Covered Today:  15.28km
  • Total for the Month:  190.54km

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