trionz-300x110I was contacted around the beginning of April and asked if I would like to try out a Trion:Z Dual Loop Bracelet and review it here on my blog.  I’m a huge sceptic when it comes to things like negative ion therapy or magnetic therapy but I’ve read about these bracelets in the past so I was curious and decided to give it a go.

My bracelet (Black one like in the picture) arrived on 12th April and I’ve been wearing day and night ever since!

According to their website, the bracelets and other products available are ‘designed to balance the body’s magnetic and electrical fields, Trion:Z combines the therapeutic properties of magnets and negative ions, bringing you the most powerful complementary health product on the market today.

Some of the reasons people might purchase these ‘magnet therapy’ products is for general health & wellbeing, pain relief, better performance in physical activity or relief of stress. They also claim that 89% of 200 consumers surveyed experienced a ‘noticeable difference’ whilst wearing it.

Now if you do a Google search on ‘magnet therapy’ or ‘magnets for health’ you’ll see a lot of sites selling products, a lot of sites stating that magnet therapy is not actually proven to work and many other sites claiming it does.  As for ‘negative ions’, again the research is a bit iffy but there are researchers claiming that negative ions help to increase mood and improve health.

However, figures don’t lie.  According to Wikipedia, the annual sales of magnet therapy products exceeds 1 billion dollars a year.  So, regardless what research may say about the effects of magnet therapy, it doesn’t seem to stop lots of people going out and purchasing the products.  Like their website claims, 89% of people experienced a difference whilst wearing the product.  That’s a lot!

Now, how do I feel since wearing the bracelet?  Has it had any effect on my running?  My mood?  It’s hard to explain, but the simple answer is: yes.  I can’t explain it but since wearing this bracelet I feel as though my mood has improved.  Also, my running has been suffering quite a lot lately (mainly due to a lack of running!) but wearing this bracelet has made those painful runs (all of them!) feel better.  This is a fantastic product that looks great and feels great and I have no intention of ever removing this bracelet and I certainly recommend that you all give it a try.

With such a wide selection of colours and styles available, you’ll find the right one for you.

If you want to find out more about Trion:Z you can visit their website at:

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