Lull in the Fitness Storm

Things are going absolutely fantastic with my current fitness drive and I’m really glad to be running again.

Eating and running

I really don’t know what happened before and why I just end up going for weeks and weeks without doing anything other than stuffing my face with food.  I think that one of the things that puts me off is actually thinking about going back to running.  I mean, when you’re a big (boned) guy like me it is daunting to think of people seeing you running with all your fat bits wobbling around everywhere.  It gets easier to think I might as well just stay home and do nothing.  Then comfort eating comes in to play as well and the next thing you know you’re in a big spiral in to fat unhealthy laziness.  Not good.

Strange thing is, once you get the to gym or go running you realise that it isn’t really that bad.  The endorphins kick in and you feel good even after the first attempt after a long stint of nothingness.

I’ve been back at running for just over a week and with each passing day I’m getting quicker and and running for longer (less walking).  If you’re ever that bored you can check out my runs and walks here:

I’ve been using RunKeeper for some time now and it is my preferred app for recording all my runs and walks.  If you haven’t tried it then I certainly recommend it!  I’ve got an iPhone so not sure if it is available on other platforms (Android…. pffffft) but give it a look.

Another app I’m using at the moment is MyFitnessPal which I used to track how many calories are going in to this ageing body of mine as well as my weight and measurements.  It is a great app with a community linked to it where everyone supports each other with positive comments.  I’ve used it previously to lose over 15 lbs in weight and why change it if it works?  So, I’ve been using that app for the past week as well.

It is early days but I’m confident of reaching my (initial) weight goal of 196 lbs.  Once I get to that weight I will judge how I look/feel and decide whether to step it up further to get lighter.  It is quite exciting thinking about it because I literally cannot remember ever being under 200 lbs.

The Lull

At the moment, my son and I are on our own.  Wifey went away to Belgium for the weekend with her mother and it is just me and my son wrecking the house.  Because I have no childcare this means that I won’t be able to do any running until Monday which means three days off in the middle of my big push.  Top that off with having to find suitable food whilst eating out at places like Legoland Windsor (where we went today).   But, I’m confident it will be fine.

Legoland Windsor

Today was yet another exciting (for my son) trip to Legoland where he runs around like a lunatic and I follow.  He absolutely loves it there and as a season ticket holder we certainly get our money’s worth!

Full sized R2-D2 made completely out of Lego. These people have too much time on their hands.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Legoland before but if you haven’t I suggest you check it out!  Even if you don’t have any kids!  I mean, c’mon… who didn’t like Lego when they were growing up?  I still love it now!  And, to make things even better they tie Lego in to things like classic films like Indiana Jones and Star Wars!

The Star Wars exhibit is pretty cool and they’ve build small scale models of many classic movie scenes.  It’s simply amazing.

Another part of Legoland that I really like is Miniland.  Miniland is quite a large outside area where they have re-built entire parts of cities and countries and it is like taking a tour around the world made completely out of Lego.  It is all I can do to fight the urge to climb over the fence and walk through the Lego towns like a giant Godzilla stepping on Lego people and crushing cars and houses.

How would I explain to my wife why security kicked us out?




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