Fear it? Embrace it? Either way, change is going to happen. However, sometimes you need to initiate change in order to improve your life.

Some people fear change because it means simply things that things will be different and not what they’re used to. I’ve read a lot of articles that say you should embrace change. I tend to disagree with this…

What if a change has come along that is actually made your quality of life worse? Then, your only option is to initiate your own change to improve things, is it not? Surely this means we don’t “embrace” change but rather we should “accept” change long enough to determine the effect is has on us and whether or not change needs to be initiated by us on our own terms in order to rectify any negative effects? Therefore, change is clearly a constant in life.

I think what people actually fear is initiating change for themselves more than change that is imposed on them. I mean, what can you do about change that has been imposed on you anyway? With the changes you want to make personally, you may put them off or avoid them due to the “fear” of the unknown or because you will be out of your comfort zone.

So, my theory is to:

  • Accept changes imposed on you but don’t be afraid to speak your mind regarding those changes and whether they have a negative impact on you. This isn’t “complaining”, it is making yourself heard and could mean some of the more drastic changes are lessened.
  • Don’t be afraid to change things yourself if it means your quality of life will be improved. Only you can determine the change required (if any) and the “qualities” of your life that will improve as those things are relative to the individual.
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