That was FAST

After many months of lethargy and being severely overweight I’ve decided to try something completely new.  Well, it’s new to me but the concept has been around for some time.

I’m sure may of you have heard of “The Fast Diet” or the 5/2 diet whereby you eat normally for five days a week but fast for the other two.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subject and have decided to give this ago as it appears to be the least limiting when it comes to day to day diet.  Basically, I think I’ll be able to stick to it!

I’m going to have an initial 6 week trial which will take me to the 1st April.  I want to see the effect it has (if any) on my overall feeling of health and of course my weight.

So, I’m going to judge things according to simple rules.

  • I’m going to weight myself at weekly intervals (sorry, but I’m not sharing my weight with you all but I will tell you what I lose – if anything)
  • I’m going to restrict myself to 600 calories a day two days a week
  • I’m going to eat 2000 calories a day the remaining five days a week

Today has been my first day fasting.  To be honest, it wasn’t overly difficult as I spaced my measly 600 calories out during the course of the day.  Also, because I know I get to eat normally on Wednesday it doesn’t seem like I’ve given anything up.

Hopefully everything will go well but I’ll keep you posted.

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