Actual Virtual Running

Yes, that’s right.  It’s not just the name of a fantastic blog or blogger.  Virtual running is something we can all do!

Have any of you heard of The Blurt Foundation?

The Blurt Foundation is a user-led community interest company which exists to support, help and inspire those affected by depression who may have lost belief in themselves, and hope for the future.

They do this by; offering comprehensive, free, online resources which provide easy to understand information on depression, engaging in a lively and successful social media presence and by providing a bank of online mentors who are carefully matched to individuals in need of some extra support.

Mentors are an ear for those needing someone to listen to or connect with at a time in their lives when they feel lonely and frightened and when they don’t know where else to go for help.

Founded in 2011, The Blurt Foundation, came about as a result of personal experience and a passionate desire to create a different, more hopeful, experience for others.

The CIC also exists to engage with medical practitioners, employers and companies in the community to burst the stigma of depression and work to educate and support them to reach a greater understanding and empathy for those going through a period of depression.

I was contacted by The Blurt Foundation and asked if I was interested in taking part in and/or promoting their virtual running events.

Each month, The Blurt Foundation is organising a virtual run.  You can choose the distance you want to run (1 mile, 5K, 10K or half a marathon) and where (road, park, treadmill etc.).  Each run also has it’s own downloadable bib (although I’m not sure I would wear that at the gym on the treadmill or running around the park…on my own…lol).

The entry fee for each run is £15 and each entry will be entered into a prize draw and receive a medal. The winner is chosen at random 7 days after each event with the prize will varying for each event.

Once  you’ve completed your run, on or around the date of the event, you will need to send The Blurt Foundation your results and photos.

I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea!  And, to top it all off, 100% of the entry fee goes to The Blurt Foundation so that they can continue to provide support and information to those affected by depression.

For more information about these virtual events or The Blurt Foundation visit:

Thanks everyone!

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