Forty Percent Fat

Yeah, that’s right.  I’m currently a fatty.  I got some new scales today that tell you your weight, % body fat, BMI and % water.  Man, it makes for some depressing reading…

Obviously, I already knew I was overweight but I don’t think I look overweight.  Now I know how badly and it gives me targets to aim for.

Basically, I’m 5’9″ and I weigh 221 lbs.  According to the scales I am currently 40% fat.  40%!!

So, my long-term goal is to reduce my weight down to 176 lbs.  That is 45 lbs to lose (or three stones here in the UK).  No problem.

In terms of my current lifestyle change and The Fast Diet, things are going well.  I’m on my third week and I’ve just completed my sixth (two a week) fast day.  Tomorrow I’ll be eating ‘normally’ but trying to remain within a respectable 1700 calories.

I wanted to do consecutive fast days this week like I’ve done the past couple of weeks but it just wasn’t possible.  Normally I would do Monday and Tuesday but on Tuesday I had to drive 182 miles (one way) to a client meeting and back again.  I was slightly concerned about being light-headed or something so I moved my 2nd fast day to today.

In order to remain focused and motivated I’ve joined a few different intermittent fasting groups on Facebook.  It’s good and bad because you get to hear what works for other people and hear the positive results but you also have the people that are extremely negative.  I think you’d get that regardless…lol

So, in terms of my first public update on the weight loss…

Weight – 221 lbs

% Body Fat – 40%

Differential – Not applicable (see next update)



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