Getting a little tiresome

I posted my blog link in one of the Intermittent Fasting (IF) groups on Facebook to share my experiences and opinions with others and it was immediately attacked.  Quite a amusing frankly but also quite tiresome.

I’m not one to hold my tongue at the best of times but I can’t have people trying to have a go at me because I’m stating my opinion whether they believe it is offensive or not.  I mean, seriously… get over yourselves people.


This is a screenshot of the conversation on Facebook when I posted the link to my latest bit of rambling/waffle. It seems someone agreed with me as well and stated “and waffle it is”….lol

I’ve also been threatened with being ‘ignored’ within the group by one individual along with with someone else who happens to be a man…lol.  A bit of feminist man-hating going on there?  I mean, I know ‘diets’ have historically been a woman’s thing (i.e. mostly women confess to being on or taking part in diets) but this is a new age and men aren’t afraid to say they’re dieting and that they want to be healthy as well.  Perhaps it’s for the best if she does choose to ‘ignore’ my posts in the future because I’m not going to change anything.

In case it wasn’t clear in my previous post  my opinion is as follows:

Feast Day – I don’t think this is a great word to use for a day where you’re not fasting purely because it’s connotations hint at over-eating or stuffing yourself.

Binge Day – Surely I don’t need to explain why this is a negative word in relation to eating?

Nourish Day – This just sounds stupid.  Sure, people may like it but Fast & Nourish?  Whatever.  Like you don’t ‘nourish’ on a non-fast day so you need to give it a special name?

Starvation Mode – People just throw this around and don’t even understand what it is or who it actually effects (and when).

When to Fast – As long as you’re fasting 2 days a week (i.e. on the 5:2 diet) then it does not matter if you do them consecutively or not; it’s purely down to choice.  The book does not state that they have to be separate it merely provides the experiences of the Dr and what worked best for him.

Calorie Counting – Loads of people recommend that you don’t do this, including Dr Mosley.  However, I disagree.  I think that in our society we’ve lost the ability to use common sense when it comes to what we’re putting in to our bodies and we need to take a step back and re-educate ourselves.  We need to be able to recognise when we’re full and to not rely on food in times of emotional need.  I think that keeping a food diary or counting calories for the first few weeks is a great way to get educated about the content of food and how many calories you’re taking in.  Sometimes it can be a real eye-opener!

That’s it people.  If you don’t like it that’s fine; you’re entitled to your own opinion as well.



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