Light as a Feather

I may have mentioned before, but I am a member of a few Intermittent Fasting (IF) groups on Facebook.  Mainly as a support sort of thing but also to see how this lifestyle works for others.

There are a few things which occur in all the groups which really annoy me:

  • People saying they can’t ‘fast’ or go more than 12 hours without ‘bingeing’.  Come on people…it’s not that hard!  I also don’t see what the big deal is with spreading your 500 (women) or 600 (men) calories out during the day anyway.  It’s worked great for me and I’ve never felt better.
  • People using the word ‘bingeing’ or ‘feast’ on days where you’re not fasting.  Those are just normal days and there is no need to name them.  These are just normal days but you need to be careful with the word ‘normal’ as well.  Some people’s version of normal could mean high calorie days whilst others are low.  I think the non-fast days should be considered as well and used as the opportunity to retrain yourself not to over-eat and to not eat the things that you don’t need to.  Another thing this lifestyle does (for me anyway) is make me consider when I am actually eating because I’m hungry or because of an emotional stimulus (i.e. bored, sad etc).  A new one that has come up for normal days is ‘nourish’….absolutely ridiculous.  Seriously, just stop naming the days and eat with consideration and purpose to get a better understanding of your body and its needs.
  • People complaining about not losing any weight when the main aim of the diet/lifestyle is health reasons.  Also, I think that if some of the people kept a food diary (myfitnesspal for example) and logged how many calories they’re eating on the other 5 days they may see the reason they’re not losing weight.
  • The people that act like they know more about the lifestyle than anyone else.  I don’t see how this is possible considering they’ve only read the same books as everyone else and there is still a lot of research being done in to IF and its effects on the body.  I am by no means an expert on this and I’m experimenting just like everyone else.  That’s why I share on this blog so people can see what works for me.

In terms of the IF lifestyle for me; I’ve completed my fourth week of fasting (two consecutive days – Monday & Tuesday) with no real issues.  Bit hard yesterday but I think that was because my breakfast was a disappointing couple of cereal bars I had to purchase on my way to a meeting as I was out and about all day.  The effect was that I was quite hungry by the end of the day.

This morning, back to normal and eating healthily.  Breakfast consisted of 2x poached eggs, 2x wholewheat toast, 2x slices of cheese and coffee.  Tasted great and completely satisfying as well.

My trip to the scales this morning was also a pleasure:

Starting Weight:  226 lbs (when I started IF – I was much heavier than this)

Last Weigh in:  221 lbs (last weight I reported on here)

Current Weight:  214.8 lbs

Last % Body Fat:  40% (see Forty Percent Fat)

Current % Body Fat:  38.2%

Left to target:  38.8 lbs (target is 176 lbs)

So things are on track and I’m feeling great.  This is pretty steady weight loss considering I started on 18th February 2013.  That’s an average of 2.8 lbs lost per week and that’s fine with me.  I know there will be weeks when this slows down or stops and I’m prepared for that.

How am I prepared?  Well, that’s when I step up the running again.  I’m doing a bit of exercise now and again with some running but when I get to the plateau then I’ll start training again properly…and it should be even easier because I’ll be lighter!

So, that’s my update so far and I’m happy to report things are going well.  If you’ve got any questions let me know.



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