Nike+ FuelBand & Trion:Z Wristband

Some packages arrived today!

The first package to arrive was my new Trion:Z wristband.  If you have read my previous ramblings, you’ll know that I was sent one of these back in 2011 for free to review ( and I wore it until it was loose and falling apart.

I decided to buy my own and my lovely new red/white dual loop bracelet arrived today.


I know that there could be a bit of voodoo involved here considering it’s magnets and negative ions at work to improve health.  Perhaps it is psychological…whatever it is, I love these things and they make me feel better.

Another extravagant purchase was my new Nike+ FuelBand.


I’ve been looking forward to receiving this and seeing how lazy I am during the course of a day!  Seriously though, I’ve only had it one day and I already feel like I need to push myself to get the bar from the red to the green… (you need to read-up if you want to know what I mean).


I’m not going to explain the ins and outs of what the Nike+ FuelBand is as I would have to copy/paste most of the information from other sources.  Instead, I’m going to give you this:

The video is pretty good and gives a great overview of the band.  It’s dead easy to use and also syncs with your iPhone (if you have one).

So, if you’ve already got one of these bad boys, I’m looking for people to add to my friends list on Nike+.  Please add:  TheVR

As for the Intermittent Fasting, things are still going fantastic and I feel as though I’m going from strength to strength on this journey of achieving healthiness and happiness.  This week I didn’t lose any weight at all when I weighed in, but that hasn’t caused me pain or upset like other ‘diets’ might have done in the past.  I simply accept it as I know that my clothes fit better and I simply feel better.  Who cares about the number on the scale not going down every single week.  As long as it goes down.

To all of you virtual runners, real runners and fasters out there… I wish you all the best on your own personal journeys and hope you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourselves.

If you want support on the intermittent fasting aspects from other people on the same journey please feel free to join our group on Facebook here by clicking the link or the image below:

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