No more virtual running

As you know, bursts of motivation come and go for runners, and with every day life virtual running can occur more than anything else! Then, finally the motivation hits you and you eventually have that push to get back into training and work towards achieving your ideal weight goal. You can read more about why this blog was started in the about me section of this blog.

For some runners it’s been a while since any of you did some sort of training, and looking through your sportswear, you might find that your running clothes/trainers are looking a bit worse for wear.

After looking through some other running blogs, there was one with great reviews and suggestions about what gear you should be wearing to help improve your running.

The suggestions on what kind of running shoes you should be wearing and the details for each are really helpful. Suggestions such as the pair of the Nike trainers from Decathlon are a great recommendation, as the description assures that they are comfortable and fit like a second skin

This blog has been a great find, however, the suggestions for what to wear whilst running are rather restrictive, so if you’re still uncertain and don’t know what you should be wearing there’s another  brilliant website, just enter your details and it’ll tell you what gear you should be wearing, down to the time of day and even the weather.

With your trainers and running clothes on order, it’s only a matter of time before you’re back on the track, happy training!

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