How runners can protect their feet

Runners should avoid giving themselves excuses to miss training – being disciplined and keeping your training schedule in mind is crucial to meeting your goal, whether it is to lose weight or achieve a personal best in a marathon.

This means you should be careful to avoid bingeing on food or drink when you have a run planned for the morning, prevent arranging appointments during your regular training time, and also that you should look after your feet.

When our motivation is low, we can use any excuse to reason with ourselves why we shouldn’t go for a run. Having blistered feet or sore ankles, means we can justify missing training to ourselves and others, so if you want to stay disciplined, give your feet some TLC.

The first place to start is with a pair of trainers designed specifically for running. Brantano has a fantastic, well-priced range for men and women that are both stylish and fit for purpose, so there’s no excuse not to invest in a pair.

On the site, look out for sports shoes that offer good ankle support to reduce the risk of injuries, as well as ample cushioning on the sole for shock absorption. Also, invest in running socks that will provide additional comfort and protection.

Ensuring that the materials on these products are breathable is crucial, as this helps to eliminate the build-up of heat and sweat on the foot that can cause swelling, which in turn leads to blisters.

However, it is also important that your feet are not too dry – Runner’s World recommends coating your feet in petroleum jelly prior to a run to reduce the risk of friction.

You should also moisturise with a specialised foot cream on a daily basis, as this will help you to avoid painful cracked heels that can put you off training.

In order to avoid the painful fungal infection known as athlete’s foot, make sure to wash your trainers regularly and your socks after each wear. You should also thoroughly clean and dry your feet following a run.

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