Turning your fitness hobby into a career

After leaving the office, is the first thing you think about hitting the gym? Or do you prefer running to written work? If so, a change of career may be for you. Leave behind your boring, old nine-to-five job and turn your fitness hobby into a profession. Tempted? Here’s how to do it…

What’s out there?

Most people start-out by completing a fitness instructor qualification and pursuing a career as a fitness instructor. The main duties of a fitness instructor are to demonstrate the correct use of equipment and to deliver a range of fitness classes. Many people develop from a fitness instructor into a personal trainer. If you are a motivational individual, a career as a personal trainer may be for you. A personal trainer offers one-on-one health and fitness advice to their clients, setting fitness goals and helping them achieve them.

How to do it

Before you can start training people professionally, you need to have gained all the necessary qualifications. Throughout the UK, there are a number of companies, like Fit Training, that offer personal training courses in a range of fitness areas. Generally, most employers look for a minimum level 2 qualification with the expectation that you will progress and develop your knowledge further. Being in good shape with a high standard of fitness will also be beneficial when you head out to your first fitness instructor interviews.

Why do it?

By making fitness your career, work will no longer be a chore as it is something you love to do. We can’t think of anything better than getting paid to do your hobby. Additionally, there is a vast number of employment opportunities within the fitness field, which is useful in the current economic climate. People will always want to keep fit and look good, so becoming a fitness instructor or personal trainer really does come with the security of a job for life. If you are interested in a career as a personal trainer, you should probably have a read of the National Careers Service’s advice page, here.

If everything mentioned above excites you, leave the office behind and enter the world of fitness.

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