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I’m covering ground!

59 days to Christmas! Isn’t it exciting?! I’m aware that Christmas is/was originally a religious holiday and I’m certainly NOT religious but I do love Christmas. I love how family and friends come together, the happiness, the presents, the songs and the movies. I could quite easily sit and watch Christmas movie after Christmas movie […]

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In the Long Run

Today I started to increase my Sunday runs again. I covered just over 12km in about an hour and ten minutes which isn’t too bad at all. I’ll increase it gradually over the coming weeks.As for my current location, I’m still in New Brunswick on Highway 2 but only just barely. I’m near the New […]

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See ya New Brunswick!!

I’ve updated my site properly today and according to Google Earth I am past Woodstock, New Brunswick and heading on up in to Quebec very soon. That means I’m making some pretty good time on my virtual run and I hope it not only continues but gets better too! If you’re wondering how I track […]

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