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The Long Goodbye

Happy new year (sorry I’m late)!  It’s a new year with new challenges coming in many forms.  I’d firstly like to apologise to both my readers for not posting anything in some time.  I’d also like to apologise to myself for not having the motivation to just get off my backside and get out there […]

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Tis the season

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone out there.Firstly I’d just like to complain about my self-inflicted over-eating fest over the past few days. Why oh why do we do it to ourselves? And, how it is physically possible to gain so much weight in such a very short period of time? Well, for […]

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I’m covering ground!

59 days to Christmas! Isn’t it exciting?! I’m aware that Christmas is/was originally a religious holiday and I’m certainly NOT religious but I do love Christmas. I love how family and friends come together, the happiness, the presents, the songs and the movies. I could quite easily sit and watch Christmas movie after Christmas movie […]

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