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Nike+ FuelBand & Trion:Z Wristband

Some packages arrived today! The first package to arrive was my new Trion:Z wristband.  If you have read my previous ramblings, you’ll know that I was sent one of these back in 2011 for free to review (http://thevirtualrunner.org/2011/04/29/trionz/) and I wore it until it was loose and falling apart. I decided to buy my own […]

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Getting a little tiresome

I posted my blog link in one of the Intermittent Fasting (IF) groups on Facebook to share my experiences and opinions with others and it was immediately attacked.  Quite a amusing frankly but also quite tiresome. I’m not one to hold my tongue at the best of times but I can’t have people trying to […]

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That was FAST

After many months of lethargy and being severely overweight I’ve decided to try something completely new.  Well, it’s new to me but the concept has been around for some time. I’m sure may of you have heard of “The Fast Diet” or the 5/2 diet whereby you eat normally for five days a week but […]

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