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Long Run of Pain

Shin splints…. aren’t they just the best thing ever?  Especially when you’re attempting to carry out a simple task as a long (supposedly easy) run?  No, they suck. I ran just over 10km this morning in aid of Janathon and my health (not in that order), and it wasn’t easy.  I had pain in my […]

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In The Beginning

As this is the first day of the year and the first day of Janathon (see previous post) I went against the norm and decided against a post title of “Janathon Day 1″ or something similar. No running today as it was technically going to be a rest day for me.  However, I still wanted […]

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Janathon Cometh

Janathon Heard of it?  If not, check it out here (http://www.janathon.com/) and then come back.  I’ll wait. Did you look?  What do you think?  Well, it’s what me and many others are doing for the month of January.  I suppose everyone has their own reasons but mine are simple. Regain some of the fitness I’ve […]

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iPhone and the Blog

Haven’t heard from me in a while? Well, not blogging anyway. All this will change with Janathon coming up and because I need to get off my expanding backside! I’ve put on loads of weight; but that’s what happens when you’re not running and mostly stuffing your face. Got loads of extra weight. Got me […]

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