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Great Day

Today’s run felt really great and I’m feeling more and more confident in myself and my running again.  I’ve been avoiding running on the roads these past three weeks because of lack of confidence and I don’t want to be the fatty running down the road.  But now I think I’m ready to be that […]

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It’s All Good

Today was another long run and it felt great.  Honestly, this has been a great relaxing week off work and I feel much better for it.  It was nice to end the week with a long run that felt good as well as the couple previous to this were slightly difficult and not as easy […]

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Long Run of Pain

Shin splints…. aren’t they just the best thing ever?  Especially when you’re attempting to carry out a simple task as a long (supposedly easy) run?  No, they suck. I ran just over 10km this morning in aid of Janathon and my health (not in that order), and it wasn’t easy.  I had pain in my […]

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Week 3 Done, 9 to go!

It’s been a pretty good week as far as the training for the Farnham Pilgrims Marathon is concerned.  My week’s training consisted of the following:- Wednesday 6.5km (4.04 miles) in 41 mins 12 secs for an average pace of 10:12 min/mile (06:20 min/km). Friday 1.6km in 10 mins 48 secs for an average pace of […]

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Week 2 Done, 10 to go!

Well, normally after a long run with my garmin I would be able to put a handy little widget on here that allows you all to see my run details.  However, I forgot to install some sort of plugin that uploaded the data to garmin connect so that widget isn’t available for this run. However, […]

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Week 1 Done, 11 to go!

First week of the marathon training schedule has been very successful.  Here is a summary:- Tuesday Called for 3 mile easy run at a 12:29 min/mile pace.  I did 3.10 miles at a 10:14 min/mile pace. Thursday Called for a 3 mile tempo run with a 1 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down.  I managed […]

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One More Before

I’ve got one more long run of 10 miles which I’ll be doing tomorrow.  Then I’ll do a couple 2 or 3 mile runs during the week to keep the blood flowing before the marathon on 9th May. I’ve printed all my entry info to take with me on our trip to Canada (we have […]

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20 Miles of Fun

Okay, today’s long run wasn’t the greatest.  First, let me just say that I have run three times this week and I’ve been running three times each week.  I haven’t wanted to do too much, especially with the long runs on Sundays. I think that I should’ve been running more each week but it’s too […]

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I can’t believe I never saw it before!  I’ve been using my Garmin Forerunner 405 for a little while now and I didn’t realise that there was an option to post your runs on your website with very little hassle!  See, I’ve been doing images etc and cutting/pasting and it’s just a lot of work.  […]

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Longest Run Yet

I’m pretty sure that my run yesterday was the longest one I’ve ever done.  I covered just under 15 miles (24km) and it was pretty hard.  I walked loads of it but average pace was about 06:27 min/km which I would be happy with in a full marathon. Summary:- Split Time Distance Calories 1 00:06:18 […]

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