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Not so virtual

Well, I have officially completed Week1/Day2 of my fat-butt-to-10k routine.  It’s been so long since I ran properly that I decided it would be better to build up using a proper plan then to just go out and run for the hell of it and probably hurt myself. This now means I’ve got a 14 […]

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Ten days in to June and also Juneathon but not much running coming from the Virtual Runner at the moment. We had some holidays recently and my wife, son and I went to Normandy, France for a week with Eurocamp.  We only got back during the long weekend and then I had work and now […]

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Lull in the Fitness Storm

Things are going absolutely fantastic with my current fitness drive and I’m really glad to be running again. Eating and running I really don’t know what happened before and why I just end up going for weeks and weeks without doing anything other than stuffing my face with food.  I think that one of the […]

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Almost There

Today started with a nice hour long walk to keep up the effort for Janathon.  I don’t know what it is about walking but I really feel it in the backs of my legs more than I do with running.  Completely different feeling in the muscles when you’re done.  Overall it was a great walk […]

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Who you calling chicken?

Again, I haven’t been running very much; which means I am really becoming a “virtual” runner because there hasn’t been much real running going on!  I’m completely lacking in motivation and I’ve let everything slip.  I think that the trip to Canada and not being able to do the marathon was a big part of […]

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One More Before

I’ve got one more long run of 10 miles which I’ll be doing tomorrow.  Then I’ll do a couple 2 or 3 mile runs during the week to keep the blood flowing before the marathon on 9th May. I’ve printed all my entry info to take with me on our trip to Canada (we have […]

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Friends & Family

Won’t be long now (scary) and I’ll be in Canada visiting family and attempting my very first marathon. Besides being excited (and scared) about the marathon, I’m also excited to see my family.  We tend to only visit Canada about once a year and we never got to go to Canada last year because we […]

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Chunky Virtual Runner dot com?

Okay, I admit that I haven’t been following my training plan very well.  In fact, I’m not really following a plan but I am trying to make sure my long runs increase gradually each week. I’m trying to do two quality runs during the week (tempo and intervals) with a long run each Sunday.  Unfortunately […]

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Mortimer 10k

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I may have lost both my readers now! I’ve still been running; however, there was a couple of weeks after the laser eye surgery where I didn’t really do anything except get fatter and allow my eyes to heal.  I started running as soon as I possibly could […]

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Quarr Cottage & Coastal Visit

Some time ago we decided we were going to go away for the August Bank Holiday weekend and get away from Reading.  I went to the Reading Festival last year, but frankly I don’t like the bands that play Reading much anymore and also I could do without a day of binge drinking.  I’m aware […]

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