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Not so virtual

Well, I have officially completed Week1/Day2 of my fat-butt-to-10k routine.  It’s been so long since I ran properly that I decided it would be better to build up using a proper plan then to just go out and run for the hell of it and probably hurt myself. This now means I’ve got a 14 […]

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Ten days in to June and also Juneathon but not much running coming from the Virtual Runner at the moment. We had some holidays recently and my wife, son and I went to Normandy, France for a week with Eurocamp.  We only got back during the long weekend and then I had work and now […]

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Lull in the Fitness Storm

Things are going absolutely fantastic with my current fitness drive and I’m really glad to be running again. Eating and running I really don’t know what happened before and why I just end up going for weeks and weeks without doing anything other than stuffing my face with food.  I think that one of the […]

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Almost There

Today started with a nice hour long walk to keep up the effort for Janathon.  I don’t know what it is about walking but I really feel it in the backs of my legs more than I do with running.  Completely different feeling in the muscles when you’re done.  Overall it was a great walk […]

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The Thighs Have It

Okay, okay… let’s get it over with… start the public flogging. The heading of this blog refers to my growing appendages caused by overeating.  I think I saw smoke trailing behind me this morning caused by the friction of my thighs rubbing together while I was running. I know I haven’t blogged in some time […]

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Who you calling chicken?

Again, I haven’t been running very much; which means I am really becoming a “virtual” runner because there hasn’t been much real running going on!  I’m completely lacking in motivation and I’ve let everything slip.  I think that the trip to Canada and not being able to do the marathon was a big part of […]

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2010 Bupa London 10000

I’ve successfully completed the Bupa London 10000 again with this year’s event being just as great as last year’s.  Sure, there wasn’t a personal best for me this year but I had a really great time and a great run.  I ran with a friend who used this as their first (and hopefully not last) […]

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One More Before

I’ve got one more long run of 10 miles which I’ll be doing tomorrow.  Then I’ll do a couple 2 or 3 mile runs during the week to keep the blood flowing before the marathon on 9th May. I’ve printed all my entry info to take with me on our trip to Canada (we have […]

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Entry to 2010 Bupa London 10000

I’ve got great news!  Well, for me anyway… I had missed the chance to register for the Bupa London 10,000 and the online registration was full.  The Bupa 10,000 takes place in London on Monday, 31 May 2010 and it’s a great event.  I did it last year and had a great time. My job […]

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Longest Run Yet

I’m pretty sure that my run yesterday was the longest one I’ve ever done.  I covered just under 15 miles (24km) and it was pretty hard.  I walked loads of it but average pace was about 06:27 min/km which I would be happy with in a full marathon. Summary:- Split Time Distance Calories 1 00:06:18 […]

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