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How runners can protect their feet

Runners should avoid giving themselves excuses to miss training – being disciplined and keeping your training schedule in mind is crucial to meeting your goal, whether it is to lose weight or achieve a personal best in a marathon. This means you should be careful to avoid bingeing on food or drink when you have […]

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Feeling it again

I’ve tracked my virtual run to date (23 Aug 2009) using Google earth and since 29 Mar 2009 my route has taken me past Ottawa, Ontario and past North Bay and Sudbury.  I’m still on Route 17 and I’m now running along the shores of Lake Superior and the virtual views are lovely. My distance […]

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Phase One – Completed

Me and my son hopped on the train this morning and went in to Reading town centre to return the Asics.  No problem, however they had to give me store credit because they were purchased on my fiance’s card.  No big deal.  Money is money. Phase two (running the half marathon in my existing Adidas) […]

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Emperor’s New Shoes

This morning’s run started off okay but the top of my right foot was hurting quite bad by the end of it.  I had to stop in the middle and loosen my laces a bit more to make it more comfortable.  I still managed to cover about 11km (6.83 miles) cause I made a judgement […]

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Asics Kayano

Once again it is time for another pair of running shoes to lay down the miles in. My current pair (Adidas Supernova Sequence) were pretty good.  In fact, they were probably the best pair I’ve had yet except for the lacing.  They always seem like I can’t lace them up enough (it’s hard to explain […]

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