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Je suis le coureur virtuel

Things are going well at the moment.  By ‘well’ I mean that I am still feeling good and motivated even though I haven’t run in the past few days.  I’ve just been busy as I need to prepare for a trip I’m taking in a week or so to Normandy, France. I’ve been living in […]

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I was contacted around the beginning of April and asked if I would like to try out a Trion:Z Dual Loop Bracelet and review it here on my blog.  I’m a huge sceptic when it comes to things like negative ion therapy or magnetic therapy but I’ve read about these bracelets in the past so […]

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Almost There

Today started with a nice hour long walk to keep up the effort for Janathon.  I don’t know what it is about walking but I really feel it in the backs of my legs more than I do with running.  Completely different feeling in the muscles when you’re done.  Overall it was a great walk […]

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Probably one of the worst things to eat if you’re training or trying to lose weight.  But damn I love pizza.  Pizza Hut, Dominos, who cares.  All good as far as I’m concerned. Today I did a whopping 20 mins of running this morning and then sat at a computer all day.  For dinner… pizza. […]

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That’s what this is now.  I mean, it’s getting difficult to think of anything to write about and unfortunately things are spiralling into an awkward silence.  What shall we talk about today?  The weather?  Okay, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the UK the past 13 years is that the British love to talk […]

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Tunnel Closed

The past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing stiffness and a dull ache in my wrist and forearm (left side).  I haven’t thought anything of it and just tried to stretch it off each time a noticed it.  On top of that, I’ve had both hands fall asleep (tingling) a couple of times in the […]

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A Confession

I’m watching Dancing on Ice.  Right now.  Whilst writing.  And I like it.  For some reason I find myself interested in the contestants this year.  Kerry Katona, Vanilla Ice and Comedy Dave (Chris Moyles Show).  There are other contestants of course, but who cares about them.  I think Kerry Katona deserves a break and I’m […]

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Alleged Rest Day

My half marathon training plan calls for Saturdays to be a rest day; however we all know that isn’t really possible with Janathon.  With this in mind I wanted to ensure I still did something on my feet and I didn’t want to do a token 1 mile run for ten minutes.  10 minutes of […]

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The Thighs Have It

Okay, okay… let’s get it over with… start the public flogging. The heading of this blog refers to my growing appendages caused by overeating.  I think I saw smoke trailing behind me this morning caused by the friction of my thighs rubbing together while I was running. I know I haven’t blogged in some time […]

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Week 2 Done, 10 to go!

Well, normally after a long run with my garmin I would be able to put a handy little widget on here that allows you all to see my run details.  However, I forgot to install some sort of plugin that uploaded the data to garmin connect so that widget isn’t available for this run. However, […]

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