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The Runner’s Enemy: Achilles Tendinitis

Even the most experienced runners are victim to injuries, which can strike without warning and with a devastating impact on our training schedules and ability to compete in competitions. Among the most common running injuries is the feared, and extremely uncomfortable, Achilles tendinitis. At this point, it’s important to distinguish between this complaint and the […]

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Not so virtual

Well, I have officially completed Week1/Day2 of my fat-butt-to-10k routine.  It’s been so long since I ran properly that I decided it would be better to build up using a proper plan then to just go out and run for the hell of it and probably hurt myself. This now means I’ve got a 14 […]

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Ten days in to June and also Juneathon but not much running coming from the Virtual Runner at the moment. We had some holidays recently and my wife, son and I went to Normandy, France for a week with Eurocamp.  We only got back during the long weekend and then I had work and now […]

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I was contacted around the beginning of April and asked if I would like to try out a Trion:Z Dual Loop Bracelet and review it here on my blog.  I’m a huge sceptic when it comes to things like negative ion therapy or magnetic therapy but I’ve read about these bracelets in the past so […]

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Nothing to Report

Seriously.  Nothing.  I went to the doctor this morning about the pain in my arms/wrists to find out whether it really is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but he just looked at his computer and read stuff off of there.  In fact, he only began looking at CTS stuff on his computer because I told him that’s […]

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Tunnel Closed

The past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing stiffness and a dull ache in my wrist and forearm (left side).  I haven’t thought anything of it and just tried to stretch it off each time a noticed it.  On top of that, I’ve had both hands fall asleep (tingling) a couple of times in the […]

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Long Way To Go

Another day of Janathon completed.  The sixth day.  The sixth day out of thirty-one.  Nineteen point three five percent.  Jeez… there is still quite a while to go and I hope my legs are up for it. They aren’t exactly sore, more stiff than anything.  In fact, this morning they felt fine before I started […]

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Staring In To Space

I was doing my run this morning and the next thing I knew 20 mins had gone by!  I know a lot of people hate treadmills but I don’t mind them at all.  I kind of get rhythm going and veg out.  It’s great.  I just plod along staring into space and thinking about the […]

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Week 2 Done, 10 to go!

Well, normally after a long run with my garmin I would be able to put a handy little widget on here that allows you all to see my run details.  However, I forgot to install some sort of plugin that uploaded the data to garmin connect so that widget isn’t available for this run. However, […]

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Running From Stress

What is Stress? Stress is the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response.  It can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, nervous, or anxious. We all know that stress is a normal part of life that can help us learn and grow. […]

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