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Full of Crap

I didn’t do the marathon.  I know, I know… I put in all that training! Everything was going well and we flew to Canada as planned.  However, the second or third day there I started sneezing a lot and I thought it was just allergies (my sisters have pets).  Nope.  Full blown cold kicked in […]

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20 Miles of Fun

Okay, today’s long run wasn’t the greatest.  First, let me just say that I have run three times this week and I’ve been running three times each week.  I haven’t wanted to do too much, especially with the long runs on Sundays. I think that I should’ve been running more each week but it’s too […]

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DOMS and a Lesson Learned

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is what I’ve got, and I’ve got it bad. My third attempt of the Reading Half Marathon certainly wasn’t my best.  I had a good first half and at the 10k mark my time seemed pretty good and I was at about the 58min mark.  However, the whole second half was […]

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Puffy Knees

Another Sunday and another long run.  This one had me cover over 18kms, but at a slow pace of just over 6min per km.  My legs were very tired at the end of this one and my knees felt very puffy.  I’ve been on the paracetemol and ibuprofen since the run… One thing I need […]

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Slow Train to Painville

Allllllllll aboard! So far so good with the running; and I mean that sincerely.  Especially since I’ve been sick with a cold off and on since around Christmas time.  In fact, I’m only now just getting over my most recent one which was especially nasty. Last Sunday I did a long run of over 16km […]

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Steady Going

The running is still going on.  I must say, it was a bit difficult at first but it is getting easier each time.  In fact, today was my long run and I managed 14km (even though Garmin only recorded 12km). Here is a summary of the runs I’ve done recently from Garmin Connect:- Today (31/01/2010) […]

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Last Sunday’s Long Run

Taken me a while to post anything but here it is, last Sunday’s run!  This time I went to the gym and left my change of clothes etc there and I ran from Sindlesham all the way to Wokingham and back.  I thought it would be quite a long way to go but I found […]

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Mortimer 10k, Long Run & Puffy Knees

Nice title eh?  I think one of the hardest things is trying to think of a damn title for each blog post.  It can be a bit of a challenge! The Mortimer 10k is put on by my running club the Reading Roadrunners.  I’m sorry I forgot to mention it (it was in Sept) but […]

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Break Time

I’ve taken a break from running for four days.  It coincides with my wife’s trip to Hasselt, Belgium (flag on the left).  She went with her mum to visit family for her mum’s birthday and to attend Rimplerock. That means it been me and my little boy from last Friday until Monday and it’s been […]

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Juneathon – Day 13 & 14 (Push, Run, Walk)

A nice weekend and some more great Juneathon effort put in; even if I do say so myself! Yesterday was a non-running day for me and I opted for even more push-ups and did 5 sets of 20, 25, 20, 20 & 20.  The push-ups have felt great and I’m looking forward to continuing them […]

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