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London Marathon

The Flora London Marathon was today and I watched the start whilst running on the treadmill at the gym.  It’s definitely days like this where I love the fact that I can combine a couple of great passtimes (tv watching and running). It was fantastic watching the thousands of people in the crowds, the celebrities […]

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Points of (Un)Interest

I’m now concious again after a short nap. I am healthy and well (postitive mental attitude). I’m still debating on whether to do the next part of the push ups training this evening. My little boy is watching Madagascar 2 again for the millionth time. My fiance is at work. I think I’ve finally narrowed […]

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I just keep running

Yesterday my long run was up to 17km (10.56 miles) and I have about 7 weeks to go until the Reading Half Marathon (13.1 miles).My long runs over the two weeks just before the Half won’t be that intensive because I need to taper down to the race day. However, I intend to increase the […]

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Happenings & Training

Training is going well and my Sunday runs are increasing in mileage. The quality of my runs mid-week are also improving as I add a bit more variety with hill and speed work.I’ve started going back to my local running club, however I didn’t go last week because of my daughter’s birthday and I’ve decided […]

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Additional thought(s)

I was just thinking way ahead to 2010 (I’m optimistic) and the full marathon I’d like to do. Obviously, my first choice is the London Marathon and I will try and get a place (it’s done by ballot). Failing that, I’m considering the following (in this order):- Paris Marathon Brussels Marathon Berlin Marathon Flanders Fields […]

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That’s right, everyone’s favourite day of the week. Honestly, I don’t mind Mondays at all and I don’t understand what all the fuss is. You have to go to work? It’s all part of life isn’t it? Anyway, I’m testing out my ability to post to my blog via email and if it works it […]

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