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Pre 2009 Bupa London 10000

It’s a lovely warm sunny sunday and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  My fiance has driven to the airport to pick up her mum who is flying back from Belgium today and my son is having a nap, so I thought I’d write some more rubbish for you to read (or not, as […]

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Woodley 10k and Injury

I almost didn’t run the Woodley 10k today because when we left the house at 10am it was raining quite heavily.  I like running but I was not going to run in the pouring cold rain (I guess I’m a fair weather runner).  I weigh up things like how much I want the medal and how […]

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I ate all the pies

For those of you outside of the UK, you may want to click here to see what I mean by the title of this post. Eat eat eat… that’s all I’ve done over this couple of weeks holiday.  Okay, it’s not the ONLY thing I’ve done but I’ve done a hell of a lot of […]

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10k Runs Planned

I’ve been thinking about what runs I’d like to do over the next few months.  I want to do a few different 10k races over the summer months as training runs (and because I like the medals). So far it’s going as:- 17 May – Woodley 10k (Woodley, Reading) – I’m registered for this one. […]

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2009 Reading Half Marathon

Half marathon was today and it went very well. Me, my fiance, my son and my daughter set out at 8:30am for Madejski Stadium and the 10:05 start of the Reading Half Marathon. We arrived to a great atmosphere and joined the thousands of other runners and spectators there for the event.  However, I was […]

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Happy Virtual 2009

I’m in pain…With the new year I’ve begun to focus on my next goal, which is the Reading Half-Marathon on 29 March 2009. Part of this focus is to (gradually) increase my mileage over the coming weeks and to incorporate some additional exercises more often. One such excercise is called the Pendulum and I got […]

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A lot has happened…

Of course it has! I haven’t written anything in ages.I could go on about how I’m not a regular writer but if you’ve read any of these before, you are already aware of that fact.I am another year older and have attained the dizzying heights of 37. It was a really good birthday and it […]

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The Running Continues

I found out what my chip time was for the Princes Trust 10k. It was 58:15 which means I was pretty close with my estimate/calculation of 58:14. Obviously this isn’t my fastest time but I think the hills and conditions ruined anyone’s chances of a PB (Personal Best).The running continues and I’ve been running on […]

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Undulating v Hills

According to Dictionary.com “undulating” is defined as “to have a wavy form or surface”. Clearly the word undulating is used a bit to loosely when it comes to running events and their descriptions.The Princes Trust 10k which I ran today was described as “undulating”, even by the announcer at the event this morning. They also […]

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Pre-Princes Trust 10k

I’m wondering what route the 10k will take through Legoland tomorrow… Will we be running by miniland? I doubt it, but the 4k family run does. According to the the Princes Trust website the 10k race “is through the stunning ancient Crown Estate forests of Highstanding Hill Wood, which is not normally accessible to the […]

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