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I’ve just found a run/event that looks really really promising. In fact, I liked the looks of it so much that I’ve registered already! It’s called the “Hearts First Santa Jog” and it’s only 6km. The event takes place in Reading, Berkshire on 07 December 2008. Just go to my website and the events page […]

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MSG & Me

Yesterday we decided we would have takeaway for dinner because we had my daughter and her husband around for a visit. We opted for chinese food from our local takeaway.I like chinese food; I always have. However, the past year or so (since I’ve started running and I quit smoking) I’ve noticed that I always […]

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I hereby sentence you to being un-motivated and less energetic!I’m appealing the courts’ decision. As you can see I haven’t been writing that often and I do apologise for that. I did explain in my very first post that I’m not great at remembering to do things. This site can be testament to that sometimes. […]

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