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The “J” Word

“J” is for jump, juggle, jiggle, juniper, jelly, jack….and Janathon.  If you haven’t heard of it then where have you been?  You’ve got Google don’t you?  Type it in and see what comes up. Anyway, I’ve decided to give it a go again this year, however after my dedication and hard work last January I’ve […]

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Long Way To Go

Another day of Janathon completed.  The sixth day.  The sixth day out of thirty-one.  Nineteen point three five percent.  Jeez… there is still quite a while to go and I hope my legs are up for it. They aren’t exactly sore, more stiff than anything.  In fact, this morning they felt fine before I started […]

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Janathon Cometh

Janathon Heard of it?  If not, check it out here (http://www.janathon.com/) and then come back.  I’ll wait. Did you look?  What do you think?  Well, it’s what me and many others are doing for the month of January.  I suppose everyone has their own reasons but mine are simple. Regain some of the fitness I’ve […]

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2010 Reading Half Marathon

Although I’m not exactly proud of the finish time, I thought I’d post my splits from the Reading Half Marathon. Here is the route as recorded by my lovely Garmin Forerunner… 13.1 miles of pain.  Actually, as the second half hurt it was more like 6 or 7 miles of pain. Next year my time […]

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DOMS and a Lesson Learned

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is what I’ve got, and I’ve got it bad. My third attempt of the Reading Half Marathon certainly wasn’t my best.  I had a good first half and at the 10k mark my time seemed pretty good and I was at about the 58min mark.  However, the whole second half was […]

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Chunky Virtual Runner dot com?

Okay, I admit that I haven’t been following my training plan very well.  In fact, I’m not really following a plan but I am trying to make sure my long runs increase gradually each week. I’m trying to do two quality runs during the week (tempo and intervals) with a long run each Sunday.  Unfortunately […]

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2009 RHM Finisher Certificate

With a bit of editing, I’ve added my own pics to the finisher’s certificate…

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Further update

I just checked the chip time results (they put them up fast!) and my watch was only off by 1 second. My official chip time is 01:58:27 and that is my official PB!

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2009 Reading Half Marathon

Half marathon was today and it went very well. Me, my fiance, my son and my daughter set out at 8:30am for Madejski Stadium and the 10:05 start of the Reading Half Marathon. We arrived to a great atmosphere and joined the thousands of other runners and spectators there for the event.  However, I was […]

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Phase One – Completed

Me and my son hopped on the train this morning and went in to Reading town centre to return the Asics.  No problem, however they had to give me store credit because they were purchased on my fiance’s card.  No big deal.  Money is money. Phase two (running the half marathon in my existing Adidas) […]

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