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Coming First in Something

Okay, it might not be a marathon, 10k or even a 5k but I’m coming first in some ways. When I originally started this blog I would go onto Google and do some different searches to see where I came (if anywhere) in the list/results.  I used to just search on “virtual runner” or “the […]

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Friends & Family

Won’t be long now (scary) and I’ll be in Canada visiting family and attempting my very first marathon. Besides being excited (and scared) about the marathon, I’m also excited to see my family.  We tend to only visit Canada about once a year and we never got to go to Canada last year because we […]

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Feeling it again

I’ve tracked my virtual run to date (23 Aug 2009) using Google earth and since 29 Mar 2009 my route has taken me past Ottawa, Ontario and past North Bay and Sudbury.  I’m still on Route 17 and I’m now running along the shores of Lake Superior and the virtual views are lovely. My distance […]

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Lasers, Moving, Friends, Excess & Stress

I’m really sorry that I haven’t written in a while.  Juneathon was going so well for me as well!  Oh well, there is always next year. I’ve had a lot of things going on lately an my focus just hasn’t been on writing.  I’ve managed to keep running though and if you look at my […]

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Juneathon – Day 15 – 19 (I’m here)

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a few days but I’ve been very stressed and writing on my blog hasn’t been foremost in my mind. My Uncle My Uncle Gordon in Canada passed away last week and he’ll certainly be missed.  Unfortunately I couldn’t be there with the rest of the clan to say my […]

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Pre 2009 Bupa London 10000

It’s a lovely warm sunny sunday and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  My fiance has driven to the airport to pick up her mum who is flying back from Belgium today and my son is having a nap, so I thought I’d write some more rubbish for you to read (or not, as […]

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Rob is back

I can’t believe it.  After months of being completely out of touch, my mate Robby Kilborn has finally contacted me via facebook to let me know he is still alive. My friend Rob has been travelling by dogsled all the way across northern Canada to Alaska, USA! He sent me a message to say “I‘m […]

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Running Clubbed

I went back to my local running club last week on Wednesday night for the first time in a long time (since early last year). A good friend of mine went with me to see what it was like and he joined the “special” group for the 1st timers to learn the track rules and […]

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A lot has happened…

Of course it has! I haven’t written anything in ages.I could go on about how I’m not a regular writer but if you’ve read any of these before, you are already aware of that fact.I am another year older and have attained the dizzying heights of 37. It was a really good birthday and it […]

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In the Long Run

Today I started to increase my Sunday runs again. I covered just over 12km in about an hour and ten minutes which isn’t too bad at all. I’ll increase it gradually over the coming weeks.As for my current location, I’m still in New Brunswick on Highway 2 but only just barely. I’m near the New […]

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